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Facebook Bullies vs. ALS Patient - Part 1

Facebook Bullies vs. ALS Patient - Part 1

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( Lou Gehrig's Disease / Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis / MND - Motor Neuron Disease )

A horrifying tale of cyber bulling, harassment, abuse, social isolation and death-threats to an ALS patient, ME!

On 10/11/2012, I was accidentally allowed to become a member of a Facebook group called "ALS CAREGIVERS". Admitting, over 99% of it's members (which also included PALS (Person with ALS) are CALS; who are genuinely good people, looking for support. But, don't be fooled, out of about 230 members, a handful of women can and do fit every definition of a bully!

The group is run by Sandra Michelle Farr. The group is also moderated by Rosaleen too. It was Rosaleen who approved my membership request. It was if her group was a secret cult. About a handful of women raised such a hue and cry that you wouldn't believe. If the group didn't had anything embarrassing to hide, then why were these cult members running from pillar to post to demand kicking me and my wife out the group?
Jackie Wallis June - WJ1B
  • Exhibit 1
Of course, the ALS CAREGIVERS group was a nest of hatching plans to slander and harass PALS and CALS. Above is an example.

Around August 4, a threat of bodily harm came from a Shell Dupree/Michele Dupree's friend, Kristen Michelle Bitsko:

Death Threat by Kristen Michelle Bitsko - Brisko
  • Death Threat
Instead of feeling ashamed of her criminal behavior, she shamelessly prided herself for being a thug of Michele Dupree/Shell Dupree.
Death Threat by Kristen Michelle Bitsko - Bitski
  • Shameless
Sadly, Kristen works with the law enforcement.

These viciously vindictive women didn't even spare my wife either. They brought in the big-guns, under the experienced gang master-leadership of Michelle Dupree/Shell Dupree.

Michele Dupree spreading hate by harassing my wife - D 4B
Above is a screenshot from Facebook ALS CAREGIVERS group in which the lead bully, Michele Dupree, along with instruction, issues orders to her cult members to block my wife. Though, the fact remains, Michele Dupree/Shell Dupree never ever had family member or a loved one who ever had ALS. She has ZERO connection with ALS. She is a professional fundraiser, whose job is to solicit money for financially inefficient organizations, like ALS-TDI. 
With no questions or the slightest hesitation the gang obided Shell Dupree/Dupree's decree.
Hatters in ALS Community - D 5C
It's the same Michelle Dupree/Shell Dupree that privately professes waging violence, but never leads from the front. She and Kyle Raliff (who don't have a single person with ALS in their family) repeatedly emotionally blackmail others into doing their dirty deeds. Following is an example:
Michele Dupree - D18
Above outburst came from Ms. Dupree/Shell Dupree, who imagines herself to the be the sole ruler and owner of ALS/MND community.

Following are some examples of how these panic struck women lead by Robbie Hawkins Napier were scrambling to hide their despicable record:
I just was informed Adnan Gill is a member on here. Check the member list. If he is NOT removed, I will be leaving, and I imagine many others will too.
Adnan, this is. CALS group. Why are you here
He is the one who must be posting screen shots of our conversations.
I just checked the member list. He is on it. (Click on about and the members pop up. If you search, his name is there.)
  • Adnan Gill 11:04am Oct 11
Do I know you? There are other PALS in this group too.
  • Laura P H 11:06am Oct 11
Well, there shouldn't be. This is a CLOSED group for cALS!!!
  • Adnan Gill 11:11am Oct 11
I would like to get a feed back from other group members, would they like me to leave this group? Because I do not understand the rude welcome I just received.
Yes, you have posted very hurtful comments about many members here. Remember the picture of Robbie's husband? This is for CALS, not PALS. Also, many of our comments made here in private have been shared with non members. I do not trust you, and will never post here again if you remain.
Adnan, we have very few PALS in this group(were in it from the beginning) and I know that the CALS who are here would feel much more comfortable in discussing issues amongst themselves. I hope you understand.
Adnan Gill this is your chance to speak to the group about what you did to Robbie's husband.... Inquiring minds would like you to explain this now.
And who added you here?
Rosaleen Myrick added leasst that what it says under new members.
She is an admin on here. He must have asked to join, and her vetting process needs to be improved. Most likely our mole was blocked from seeing most posts, so he joined to get at our posts. Thank you Laura for noticing this so fast.
Okay, let's say even if you don't have a bad history with many on here, we use this site to vent our frustrations about OUR duties as CALS. We come here to "scream" sometimes and to say what we can't say anywhere else, now because someone is posting things we say on here. This is a private, closed group that we as CALS have been using as a safe place. Now Dani Hood and Kristin have been Tweeting about things said in her and you, a PALS who clearly had ill feelings toward many of us has joined?? For what reason?? What reason do you have to be in a CALS group??
We don't join PALS groups, because PALS have a right to say things they can't say to us, without us listening in. So even dismissing the history between you and many of us, it's still not appropriate. If the rules are changing I will start my own CALS group where we know we are safe. This is going way too far. We have a right to have a group where we can interact with each other and say what we are feeling without be judged and talked about. We understand US and no one else does, especially PALS.
Listen, I don't know the details of what's been going on with all of these people but I wish they would all just leave us alone. It is hard enough being a CALS. We are here to help support each other in a non threatening environment. If you are not a CALS who wants to be here for other CALS, then my thought is, you just need to leave and go start your own group somewhere else!!! I NEED this group and all of the wonderful, caring, people in it!!!!
Dani already made a snide comment about me. He has already shared all our info, or has given THEM his password so they can read everything. That has been my feeling all along, that they have been coming on here with the password of our mole.
  • Laura P H 12:28pm Oct 11
It's absolutely incomprehensible to me, that these are pALS, cALS, and others dealing with this horrific disease-and are behaving in such a HEARTLESS manner. Shame on them!!
You don’t understand the rude welcome? I find that interesting coming from someone who is often rude. You have no business here. I’m sorry you are afflicted with ALS but you get no pass from me. You’re behavior speaks for itself. Constant ridicule of certain individuals that you are obsessed with. Constant undermining of certain organizations that you are obsessed with. Causing havoc and a great deal of anger with so many that are suffering so. Unfortunately, you are digging a hole that goes very deep.

I hope no one here leaves this group because of you. You don’t have as much power as you think you do. There are only a handful and I mean handful of people that are actually listening to you. I could count them on one hand. If this is how you want to spend your remaining days, it’s a sad statement to your character or lack thereof.
You have belitted and torment people I care about and organizations I care about. This is a place for CALS to share their own hell they go through. Please find a place for PALS.
no secrets just true thoughts and feelings why be blown away when you or your friend dani done things to people like robbie .. do you think what goes on at twitter wont come this way , or people wont see who the disrupted ones are . i did not accept your friendship because of rep. and being friends with dani on what ever the mission of dani's is at the moment
Adnan, I understand there were a few in the very beginning and the admin's allowed them to stay.
I have seen such wonderful support here and it is because the many CALS feel like they are safe to vent and share here.
  • Adnan Gill 12:56pm Oct 11
Nicole, ask Robbie about the picture. Apparently, when she made peace with me through messages, she kept it a secret. May be I should post the messages so everybody would know what I meant and what she misconstrued .
  • Adnan Gill 12:57pm Oct 11
Laura, exactly who are you referring to?
No I told my friends we made peace about the picture, but now you do this?? You know you are only here for one reason and one reason only.
There are CALS here who have nothing to do with this and you have just invaded their private thoughts. No we do not bash PALS, but we do get burned out and tired and need a place to go. This is like invading a grief group, just so you can get trash on people. How sick is that.
  • Adnan Gill 1:01pm Oct 11
Kate, do you find it ironic that the only person here who is subjected to hate is me?
Shame on me for thinking I detected a hint of human feeling in you.
No, not at all. Shouldn't that be a question you are asking yourself?
  • Adnan Gill 1:03pm Oct 11
Jenny, would you care to share few example of me belittling anyone
Adnan, you invaded a fundraising page for a lab set up to find a cure for YOU, now you invade a CALS group. Don't you have better things to do?
  • Adnan Gill 1:04pm Oct 11
Jenny, and I hope you are honest enough to share the trashing I was subjected to your friends too.
  • Adnan Gill 1:07pm Oct 11
By all means open another hate group. ;)

It's not a hate group Adan. I love my husband and we all love our PALS, but unless you have given 100% care to someone your condition 24/7 for months and even years, you have no idea what some of our days are like or what we go through. The no PALS is to protect the feelings of the PALS as will as a safe place for CALS to vent. None of us hate our PALS.
Adnan, I wish you understood how special these people are. This group has demonstrated such love and compassion for each other and I'm sad to see what's happening here.
It's been tainted, people sharing info and posts and then them being used to try to make ppl look bad. This is so wrong.
  • Adnan Gill 1:14pm Oct 11
Robbie, I don't care about my popularity, I care about honesty and I never bow out when confronted by bullies. If TDI is spending donations dollar on pleasing eacho ther instead of on research then you bet I am going to point out the irregularity.if you don't agree with me then you can correct me in a civilized debate, but don't think bulling is going to silence me.
I am not bullying you, I am stating the reasons why there is a place and time to have such debates and invading a group of burned out, exhausted caregivers is wrong.
Adnan ~ You asked the opinion of the group and you have been politely been asked to leave by many. Respect the group and leave silently. Fb has many more appropriate places for you. You are not going to change the minds of the masses so exit with dignity and respect for yourself.
  • Adnan Gill 1:15pm Oct 11
Kate, thank you for proving my point.
I am not bullying you, I am stating the reasons why there is a place and time to have such debates and invading a group of burned out, exhausted caregivers is wrong.
Adnan ~ You asked the opinion of the group and you have been politely been asked to leave by many. Respect the group and leave silently. Fb has many more appropriate places for you. You are not going to change the minds of the masses so exit with dignity and respect for yourself.
  • Adnan Gill 1:16pm Oct 11
Robbie, one can only collect trash if there is to be collected.
Adnan, some like to take things out of context and make it trash. Your friends are experts at that.
I am sure you are too.
If you ignore them, they come looking for you.
STOP-- stop engaging in the back and forth. Delete this thread. Robbie stop going back and forth. This is pure nonsense!
No problem. I'm leaving this group anyway.
Well let me know what group you start up because I am not dealing with this.
I'll add you. It might take time to sort through everyone, but we will get a trust worthy group going.
  • Adnan Gill 1:30pm Oct 11
Susan, one question, did it ever bother you when the group members cursed and trashed PALS like me, who they never even met? I can understand if they would be venting about the problems and fatigue resulting from having ALS in their lives, but how does attacking and trashing PALs they are not even remotely affiliated with falls in the purview of this group? Didn't such abhorring behavior ever bother anyone? Are we so full of hate?
No one has ever done that.
Adnan, I have NEVER seen any posts from any of the CALS in this group do that. PLEASE stop discussing this here. IT is upsetting those who rely on this group for support.

[hmm... have you looked at exhibit 1??? Liar liar pants on fire... lol]
  • Adnan Gill 1:33pm Oct 11
Nicole, thanks for the suggestion, but handful people full of rage out of 231 members attacking me hardly qualifies as a majority opinion.
Look if you want to make a hate Michele, Robbie, Kyle, Mike, Jackie group then go for it, but leave this group alone. People here are hurting.
  • Adnan Gill 1:38pm Oct 11
Susan, if you remain oblivious to such reprehensible practices in this group that doesn't mean it doesn't happens. If you don't have time to check the history go to my page you will see at least couple of glaring examples of extremely shameless trash talk that goes on in this group.
Adnan according to your facebook page you spend your time talking to yourself... Hmmm ever wonder why you only have three friends commenting on your posts. Perhaps you should pay closer attention to your babbling. You talk to yourself and you answer yourself... You babble, babble, babble. Your three followers one of which is your wife pay you the only attention. Who is the professional fundraiser. Why is Sharon flip flopping but scared to leave the group. By God there is a diagnosis for you and is goes way beyond ALS.
Babble babble babble
Babble babble babble and no one pays you no mind.
I've read nearly every post made in this group(not necessarily every response, due to time) and yes, I've seen what you've posted. AGAIN, please......this group is not the place to discuss this.

The hate mongering continues in the so-called Facebook ALS CARGIVERS group: 

1 Jackie Wallis June spewing venom - WJ6 Part 1B
2 Jackie Wallis June spewing venom - WJ6 Part2
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