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Why Bullies Targeted Me? - Part 8

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Why Bullies Targeted Me? - Part 8

( Lou Gehrig's Disease / Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis / MND - Motor Neuron Disease )

A horrifying tale of cyber bulling, harassment, abuse, social isolation and death-threats to an ALS patient, ME!

  Why Bullies Targeted Me?

In simple words, because I was raising questions about their honesty, rather lack of it. In the largely unmonitored and unregulated world of charities, a pristine, saint like image is a must. Slightest doubts can cut the dollars that fundraisers and charities depend upon for their financial survival. Facebook has become instrumental in building social networks and to solicit support for invaluable causes. Like any other platform, opportunists have invaded Facebook too.

When I asked tough questions to a fundraiser, like Michele Dupree/Shell Dupree, and a charity, ALS-TDI, I had to be marginalized, immediately. Or I could have cautioned the ALS community, desperate for a cure, about the lack of transparency of financial affairs of the recipients of charitable dollars. Facebook is an ideal medium to reach most people in short time.

Michele's (a professional fundraiser who has very close ties with ALS-TDI, and she is neither a pALS nor CALS) sole connection to ALS is holding fundraisers. Before she turned into a fundraiser, she used own and run a small cafe. Last we heard, her husband had been jobless for last few years. It would be ridiculous to imagine, Mrs. Dupree organizes fundraisers for free. It would be equally foolish to think, she frequently flies all over the country for free, or lives in a rent-free home, pays no bills or doesn't eat. Someone is somehow affording her expenses. Who could be that 'someone'? A reasonable answer could be, she pays her own bills. Which leads to the next question: where does the money come from? A logical answer could be, fees charged from organizing fundraisers.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with making honest living by organizing fundraisers. However, that doesn't turn her into a saint either. For example, when she flies across the country to visit an ALS hit family, most probably she marks it a business expense on her tax return.

It is good business sense for Michele Dupree/Shell Dupree to appear friendly and compassionate. Her business depends upon good personable, one on one contacts; who in turn spread the good word among their family and friends about Michele's fundraisers. All of which translates into higher number of people willing to donate heavily contested dollars. More dollars mean, happy clients of Michele, ALS-TDI. Meaning, higher fees for Michele's services for the next fundraiser.

Over last decade or so, ALS-TDI has collected well over 100 million dollars in private donations and matching state & federal funds. Every year it raises millions in the name finding a cure for ALS. Though, it's another thing, after spending dozens of millions of dollars in bonuses and on luxurious galas, all ALS-TDI has to show for is, one dead patient and not even a single pill or procedure to arrest ALS progression; forget a cure for ALS. If purpose of allowing fraud/private research organizations, like ALS-TDI (also recipient of Public Funds), is to provide employment and award lofty bonuses, then they are doing a heck of a job, but they get failing grades for their advertized purpose of existence. Yes, one has to wonder, why the government allows such frauds to function, largely unmonitored and unregulated?

So, when I raise questions about sources of Shell Dupree/Michele Dupree's income or her possible connections with ALS-TDI?  It causes her embarrassment, and raise fear that her potential donors may find out the reality, that her business depends upon fooling people into donating money to failed organizations. Therefore, maintaining good social standing becomes imperative for Michele's business and existence of ALS-TDI.

In order to maintain her angelic image, she does her best to immediately silence people like me through overt or covert means. When she fails to silence her potential threats through private communications, she gos on attack. Her favorite methods attacks are character assassination and social isolation. She mostly attacks with tacit support of her friends, like Kyle RatliffRobie Hawkins-Napier, Natacsha Dutton, Kinga Njilas and Mike Linarez.

First, each of them , through private messages and in Facebook secret groups, spread a false rumor about their enemies like me, solicit sympathy, then emotionally blackmail people into posting Sympathetic messages on their own timelines. That is when they deliver the final blow. In their comments, they openly threaten their Facebook buddies to harass and then block their enemies or risk being blocked themselves.

Where Facebook has become an invaluable tool in connecting people with similar interests, long lost friends and geographically split families, regrettably it has also become a platform for frauds and playground for bullies.

Following are few screenshots of Michele Dupree/Shell Dupree and her co-hearts spreading false rumors and issuing threats to people on their friend lists:

Michele Dupree
So typical of Michele Dupree/Shell Dupree. She begins with showing off a favor she had done, then moves right to business. Threatens her minions to block me or risk being thrown to the vultures. Concludes by declaring herself to be one of the good person.

Kyle Ratliff
Dupree's second in command bully, Kyle Ratliff takes the harassment to a whole new level. She threatens to block even my friends or risk to be outcasted and blocked themselves.

Dupree's other bullies remains obsessed with trashing my reputation, that too without presenting single shred of evidence.

Kinga Njilas
If anyone comes close to Michele Dupree/Shell Dupree in bullying, lies and arrogance,  Kinga Najils is a Canadian equivalent of Michele. She is in fundraising business, because she was fired from her job for maintaining inappropriate physical contacts with her patients/clients.

Mike Linarez is plain and simple a thug, than a bully.

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