Thursday, January 2, 2014

Cesspool of Facebook Bullies - Part 11

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Cesspool of Facebook Bullies - Part 11

( Lou Gehrig's Disease / Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis / MND - Motor Neuron Disease )

Following is a screenshot from a Facebook group, ALS CAREGIVERS. It's the cesspool of conspiracies against people like me and trashing of pALS by their very own CALS!

 Screenshot (underneath) highlights the sad reality, that in the ALS CAREGIVERS group, some people are predispositioned to naively accept hearsay as Gospel truth. Not a single person dared to question Jackie Wallis June's pack of lies, or ask for shred of proof to support her frivolous claims. Unfortunately, one such person is another moderator, Cindy Pickersgill. Though in her defense, in reality, Cindy is a very nice lady.   

Jackie Wallis June, Cindy Pickersgill, Debra Wewer, Ruth Nyberg, LesLori Shipman, Kathy Coleman York, Glanda House Patterson and other bullies spreading venom in Facebook ALS Caregivers group

 Literally, marriages would break, if I was to share the most disgusting things said against their pALS in this Group. And all of filth goes on under the watchful eyes of Sandra Michelle Farr (Never been a CALS for a single day, but moderates ALS CAREGIVERS group. She has Zero ALS connection. Interestingly, she runs an intelligence/spy business, Zofia Consultants.) and the leadership of Kyle S. Ratliff. 

Alicia Manoli Neugent, Kyle Ratliff, Jackie Wallis June, LesLori Shipman, Kathy Coleman York, Deborah Rose engaged in harassment in the Facebook ALS Caregivers group

A list (in the above screenshot) of my family and friends was compiled and distributed by Brain for the purpose of punishing us through blocks; punishment through isolation.

However, it was Lindsay Disbrowe who introduced the hit list to the group, at the request of Alicia Manoli-Neugent. For their part hatemongers like Sarah Tisdale and Deborah Rose encouraged everyone to join in harassing us.

Michele Dupree, Sandra Michelle Farr, Nicole Erickson, Robbie Hakins Napier - Bullies

No wonder, at the insistence of Michele Dupree, Sandra Michelle Farr kicked my wife and me out of group within minutes of joining, because she was afraid, we would find out the filth she guards and sits upon. On the other hand, Kyle Ratliff, who has Zero connection with ALS and never misses an opportunity to organize harassment against me, issues instructions instructions on harassing me without getting caught.

Well done Facebook for providing a safe-haven to the Bullies to organize and launch harassment attacks.

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  1. Are you still at this!? I see ONE common denominator among the hundreds of people you mention..YOU! Maybe YOU have the problem. Clearly... Don't leave this shit behind as your legend. Spend it focusing on the positive...

    1. Anonymous, of course, victim is the common denominator. Were you expecting otherwise?

    2. Throughout life we may find a couple ppl who dont like us for whatever reason. However when you have hundreds who dont like you.... then maybe you need to stop pointing a finger at everyone and look at yourself.

    3. Kristen Michelle Bitsko, sad to see you are still trashing me, even after I pulled restraining orders on you. Is that how you thank me? What are going to do next, threaten to break my breathing mask again? You may want to look at California Superior Court summons again to refresh your memory. I you wish, I can arrange them for you again.

      Note: I know it is you, because I did notice your "common denominator" comments on Susan Nelson's timeline.

    4. Besides, in case you didn't notice, I haven't pointed any fingers. In fact, I have posted deeds of bullies. I didn't make any frivolous accusations. Everything is well supported and well documented.

      If you don't agree with my evidence, I invite you bring-forth your counter evidence. Fair enough?