Saturday, January 18, 2014

pALS Among the Bullies - Part 13

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pALS Among the Bullies - Part 13

( Lou Gehrig's Disease / Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis / MND - Motor Neuron Disease )

For one or other reason(s), even pALS (person with ALS) can become Bullies too. I'll show how?

Note: Since the pALS has passed away, I have hidden his identity.

Self-indulgence and arrogance of some people know no bounds. The screenshot (above) shows an exchange of messages between my wife and Thomas. It clearly shows his arrogant, threatening and unapologetic behavior.
Mr. T called himself a Southern Gentleman

Following screenshots might explains Mr. T's deep seated anger and appalling  behavior. Subsequently, we will also see, who is exhibiting "FTD" (Frontotemporal dementia), him or I?

On January 4, 2013, Mr. T sent me a contemptuous message. Apparently, he was riled over publishing of public criminal-record of a fundraiser by me.

He was so consumed by anger that he predicted, outliving me, and threatened to have my Facebook and Twitter accounts shutdown. But the most disgusting, nay sickening part of his psychotic outburst was his desire to "seduce" my wife. What a shameless "Southern Gentleman", wow!

Truth be told; he would have been lucky if he could have kept his wife content.

Judging from Mr. T's perverted desires and from the standing ovation he got from his shameless cult, one can clearly understand, seducing each others spouses is a norm in their morally deprived groupies. In the civilized world, such a disturbing behavior is considered disgusting, at minimum.

Regarding cowardice, only dastards trash someone after blocking them; a practice, Mr. T's cult intimately familiar with. Mr. T's abusive and malicious comments were posted on Feb 25, 2013.

Not a surprise, that not a single cult member condemned Mr. T for his vulgar behavior. Rather, adhering to Michele Dupree's instructions cult members showed their malice for me. If it took lying, it was a small cost to please the cult-masters.

Points to be noted:
  • Rob Lauer is a Facebook executive, who most probably snooped around into my Facebook page and most probably he ordered removal of bunch of my posts without any warnings or notices. If you think your privacy is safe or Facebook is nepotism-free, think again.
  • John Neugent, your ignorant remark suffice to show, you react to hearsay from Alicia. Only if you had known, what she says about you.
  • Kassi Kosydar Sedgwick, nothing less of a inhumane behavior could be expected from a miserable person like you.  Didn't your mother ever teach you, fibbing is bad? Show us single example, where I initiated an "attack". If defending myself from malicious attacks by posting screenshots of attacks on me amounts to 'attacking' your kind, then I stand guilty.
  • Sarrah Godfrey, you are so optimistic (pun intended).
  • Ellen Swindall-Baily, I challenge you show a single instance where I attacked you. Please don't conjure up stories to please Kinga Najiles.
  • Heather E. Hagen, how about if I post messages from David Jayne, in which he sends me unsolicited message to curse me out, and calls me "boy". You know what "boy" means in South", right? It is an alternative for 'nigger'! 
  • David Jayne, wow! It takes exactly a coward like you to send an unsolicited hateful message, curse out and block before receiving a reply.

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