Monday, January 6, 2014

Predators in ALS Community - Part 12

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Predators in ALS Community - Part 12

( Lou Gehrig's Disease / Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis / MND - Motor Neuron Disease )

True story of how shady characters are filling their pockets off the helpless ALS patients and their desperate families!

This is a true true story of how my (supposed) Facebook friends ganged up on me! Why? Because I dared to point out a gang scamming the ALS/MND community. They harass me (a permanently disabled ALS/Lou Gehrig's Disease patient) through covert and overt means. They send me nasty warnings through mutual friends, spy on me through fake accounts, try to hack my account, and worst, send me threats of physical violence and even death!!!

Michele Dupree's minion Kassi Kosydar Sedgwick - KS3 B

I never made a single accusation against Shell Dupree/Michele Dupree's gang. However, I do question their largely unknown accounting practices and their sources of income. They should come clean, as to exactly how much money they raised, and how much of it they passed onto the research/needy/charity organizations? Under what legal capacity they hold the fundraisers? Are they functioning as charitable organization, or as lone/undocumented/unclassified fund raisers? Do they have any independently verifiable audit protocols?

 Does anyone know Shell Dupree/Michele Dupre's source of income? Who does she works for; ALS-TDI or self-employed?
Michele Dupree
 There is years long history of thuggery waged by Shell Dupree/Michele Dupree's gang. It didn't just started with me, nor it will end with me. I am just gang's another prey. The gang doesn't care who they attack as long as they receive orders from her or her lieutenants, like Kyle Ratliff.

Kyle Ratliff, Jackie Wallis June and other bullies
Michele/Shell Dupree never likes anyone to question her methods or practices. She immediately jumps on and berates anyone who dares to question her for what does she do with the donations? Once her minion's commented, the dollars/$$$ were raised to help MANY pALS. WRONG! For example, money raised for The Valentine Plunge is mostly used for the New Jersey pALS and families. It is the same foundation that her OWN MOTHER works for as a RN Caseworker. In addition, Michele charged $$$ and/or requested donations for the names to be added to the Valentine Plunge Flag. Where did those dollars go?

Kyle Ratliff
Michele and her second in command, Kyle Ratliff often threatens to leave the Facebook and guilt trips their minions into doing their bidding. Yet they never leaves the Facebook, even worse, bully pALS and cALS. Kyle never shies from labeling people like me with derogatorily laced labels, and she never bothers to condemns her co-hearts who send me death threats and/or try to hack my Facebook account!

Michele/Shell Dupree claims, "We had to party to warm up! Seriously though, not only do we spend our own money... It's no ones business that we were able to stay on the ocean for pennies." Unfortunately, the reality belies her unsustainable claims. For example, what is the source of her income? She used to own a small coffee shop and her husband mostly remains between jobs.

Natacsha Dutton

Another example of deceit and lies arises from the frequent multi-thousand dollar tours to the U.S by Michele's British friend, Natascha Dutton. She is an an entry-level nurse from England. She spends at least couple of months a year criss-crossing the U.S, visiting ALS patients and participating in Shell Dupree/Michele's sponsored/organized fundraisers. I have a simple question, how a family from a humble background can afford to send her to the U.S so many times a year? According to her own admission, she can't even afford to rent a flat/apartment on her own. Then one has to wonder where is she getting the money for the expensive trips? At least I am not willing to buy their unsustainable claim, that she pays out of her pocket.

Epitome of arrogance, Kinga Njilas
 Natascha isn't the only one whose lifestyle belies her means. They have another aggressive and arrogant manipulator too, Kinga Njilas. She was also fired from her job for establishing inappropriate relationship with patients. Her temper rivals Michele's. She also remains on tours all over the U.S. Just like Michele/Shell Dupree, she also instantly attacks anyone who dares to wonder about her lavish lifestyle.

Regardless, one has to respect Shell Dupree/Michele's magic with words. She casts her spell on her readers by ridiculing other fundraisers, so she can squeeze out every cent for ALS-TDI. "Michele's Magic", she brainwashes her victims into donating to "HER" bank account/"fundraising". Like she says, "Just my 2cents". Unless Shell Dupree/Michele's gang has found a tree that grows money, one has to wonder, if the gang is unethically dipping into the funds generated from the ALS related fundraisers they organize?

The whole ALS community should be up-in-arms over such shady fundraising practices. At minimum, they should demand complete transparency in gang's highly suspicious fundraising practices. We should demand to know how much money is raised in our names and how much of it is spent on administrative costs? How much of it actually goes to the benefit of the ALS community? Is it an unreasonable demand?

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