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Truth About ALS CAREGIVERS Group - Part 14

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 Truth About ALS CAREGIVERS Group - Part 14

( Lou Gehrig's Disease / Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis / MND - Motor Neuron Disease )

If you think ALS CAREGIVERS is a support group for CALS (Caregivers of people with ALS) where they exchange information to help each other and pALS, you would be severely mistaken. During time, you will see how it has become a breading ground for conspiracies against pALS, how to cheat on pALS, how to punish pALS, how they hate intimate contact with their pALS, how they can't wait for their pALS to DIE and worse. And all of filth takes place under the watchful eyes, support and participation of the moderators, Sandra Michelle Farr and Cindy Cindy Grisamore Pickersgill.

Sandra M Farr's thread accusing and trashing Me - Dec 30, 2013
Smelling blood in water, within minutes of Sandra's malicious post,  Jackie Wallis-June conjures up a lie to accuse me of being someone I am not even friends with. Right on cue, rest of miserable gang also jumped-in to trash and conspire against me. Jackie is a vindictive and habitual liar, could be established from the fact that she never saw, talked or met my wife, yet she continues to bad mouths her.

Donna Nietschke seems to be under impression, that only people with ALS die and she won't. Without knowing me and conveniently believing in hearsay, she claims to know where I will be going after my death. Conversely, does she know, where she will end up after she dies?

Shawn Bracebridge, who forcibly shifted his pALS  to a hospice facility, claims to know me and my alleged  aliases. However, he wouldn't tell you his cruel treatment of his pALS, that forced the pALS to refuse to take food. Not once, he tried to convince his pALS, not to end his life. Shawn wouldn't tell you, at insistence of group members, how he ignored his pALS calls and texts. As a result, police knocked on their door. Shawn also wouldn't tell you, how he thinks his pALS is taking too long to die and can't wait to get his pALS' $60,000. But the most disgusting part is, not a single CALS advised him to show compassion; instead, they cheered him. Note: supporting screenshots will be in next series.

Sandra M Farr's thread accusing and trashing Me - Dec 30, 2013
Cathy Coleman York, do you ever wonder, what kind of "evil" CALS it takes to gang up on a pALS; could it be, Sinister?

Sarah Tisdale labels my friends as "pscho", which begs the question, what kind of CALS slander pALS; perhaps, Insane?

Alicia Manoli-Neugent proves her malice for me by asking to search for Brain's list of my family and friends to be targeted. It also proves that I have been targeted in Sandra Michelle Farr's despicable group for last several months.

Stephanie Glidden seem to be my Twitter follower and avid reader of my blog. Thank you.

Kyle Ratliff is clearly obsessed with me and keen to lead any effort to trash me. Pertinent to mention, like Sandra M Farr, Kyle too has Zero connection with ALS. She traps pALS by sexting for the purpose of soliciting support for Michele Dupree/Shell Dupree vis-a-vis ALS-TDI (ALS Therapy Development Institute). Logs of Kyle's Sexting will be posted at latter date.

MarryEllen Woodman  does her malicious part by proudly posting the list of my family and friends to be harassed by the groupies.
CALS advising Legal Recourse against a pALS
Shawn Bracebridge shared his frustrations (perhaps justified ones) over a situation that he couldn't control. If he found the situation difficult, he should have thought, how frustrating it must have been for his pALS who can't speak or point.

Instead of advising Shawn to be a bigger person, other CALS began mocking his pALS. Considering they were mocking the pALS based on CALS claim only, their reaction was really deplorable.

In another situation, MarryElen Woodman shed every bit of compassion. Instead of calming raw-nerves of Shawn, in a heartless manner, she counseled him to neutralize pALS control over last days of his life by preempting through a legal recourse.
Prostitutes for pALS!
While Kathy Coleman York shares her disgust, others suggest hiring prostitutes for pALS, because lovemaking with their oun pALS disgusts them!
CALS sharing their disgust & naughty desires
Kathy Coleman York and Jackie W. June showing their nature. They couldn't be more passionate even if they tried.

To be continued

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