Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Who Divided the ALS Community? - Part 15

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Who Divided the ALS Community? - Part 15

Hear it from an Insider!

( Lou Gehrig's Disease / Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis / MND - Motor Neuron Disease )

 Simple Answer: Outsiders!  Why? Because its all about Money and Fame!

People like Michele Dupree/Shell Dupree, Sandra Michelle Farr, Kinga Najilas, Kyle Ratliff and Michael P Shannon, with the exception of Kinga Najilas, each of them have Zero connection with ALS. Neither they are pALS nor CALS, however all of them are fundraisers; competing (like vicious animals) for scarce Dollars. If that takes pitting pALS and CALS against each other, it is small cost to fill their pockets and for fame.

On one side, there is Michele's Gang, which includes Kyle, Kinga, Sandra, and Mike Shannon (ALS-TDI), and on the other side many others like them.
They used me for fundraising and stabbed me in the back, because I wanted them to leave pALS out of their fight. Additionally, I was asking tough questions about their finances.

Kyle Ratliff refusing to join hands or stop the Drama.
 Above screenshots proves, that the outsiders are deliberately dividing the ALS Community and are consciously targeting people like me. Despite my numerous requests, Kyle Ratliff refused to end the fight and insisted on dividing the ALS Community.

We know, how much malice Kyle Ratliff holds for fundraisers. Clearly, there is battle fought for dollars. Michele, Kyle, Kinga, Mike fighting for ALS-TDI. Precisely, that's why they aggressively solicit support of pALS & CALS, so they can use their faces to collect dollars.

A source said, Michele and Mike Shannon don't like Kinga, but they don't mind using her. They are constantly scouting for new faces of ALS, to place their faces on posters for soliciting pity vis-a-vis donations/dollars.

It also reminded me, how each of them so blatantly lie to us (pALS and CALS) everyday, that they are in it because their heart aches for us. Bull Shit! They are in it for only one and one thing, MONEY!

By the way, has anyone ever seen pALS of Michele, who supposedly 'inspired' her to serve the ALS community; rather, rob the ALS community? Plain and simple, all these fundraisers are cold-hearted Liars and Opportunists, who are robbing the very same people, they claim to be helping.

There is no harm in having pALS & CALS lobbying for their respectively organizations, but it becomes a huge problem when pALS/CALS are held hostage to solicit money for bullies' organization Only. Anyone who tries to break their hold is ridiculed and harassed publicly. At minimum, they are punished through social isolation! Hence, I am still harassed, because I wanted them to unite their efforts in a transparent manner, and/or at least leave the pALS/CALS out of their nasty fight. Unity would mean, division of dollars between the bullies, but each side want all of donation monies.

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