Thursday, September 25, 2014

British Bullies - Part 18

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British Bullies - Part 18

( Lou Gehrig's Disease / Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis / MND - Motor Neuron Disease )

A horrifying tale of cyber bulling, harassment, abuse, social isolation and death-threats to an ALS patient, ME! 

Bullies come in all shapes, forms and cultures. In this case from United Kingdom (England). This is a story of British Bullies from a Facebook group "Motor Neurone Disease Awareness Group", particularly:  Amanda Williams (a.k.a Amanda Blake), Sarah Lee, Neil Mather, Charlotte Wiley, Marilyn Lacy, and Madeleine Collins bullying me.

In 2011, researchers at the Center for Molecular Innovation and Drug Discovery of Northwestern University, under the guidance of Dr. Teepu Siddique made a remarkable discovery that could potentially open doors to ALS treatment.

Recently a close friend reminded me of a 2011, The Chicago Tribune news story: "Cause of ALS is found, Northwestern team says". My mistake was to share the exciting news item in the Motor Neurone Disease Support Group.

Little did I know, the post would enrage ALS-TDI gangsters, who used few ignorant pawns to do their dirty deeds; because the fundraisers prefer to keep their own image untarnished. Sadly, the pawns live in a information vacuum, but carry huge egos. These pompous bullies believe, if the information doesn't come from them, it doesn't exist. 

You would think at least the group moderator would be smart enough to realize that she's being played. Instead of showing maturity by putting an end to attacks on me, the group moderator, Amanda Williams without a warning or any explanation, not only banned me from the group, but began humiliating me behind my back. She decreed, I was the rude one, and mocked, I was "slightly unhinged".

Not too long after I shared the news item, Sarah Lee who thinks she knows everything there is to know, attacked me. She accused me of spreading lies.
Based on pure ignorance Sarah Lee attacked
 Please note, how Sarah Lee opened her comment by declaring ALS-TDI isn't fake. She declares, "they are not frauds." However, later on, you will see how her and Neil Mather will plead, they don't even know what TDI is. However, somehow they knew TDI isn't fake!

 It turned out minions of Bully-in-Chief Michele Dupree (an American & ALS-TDI fundraiser), like Kyle Ratliff (an American, ALS-TDI fundraiser & sexting expert) and Natacsha Dutton (a Brit, ALS-TDI fundraiser & sexting expert) stumbled upon my post and rang alarm among rest of ALS-TDI gangsters about it. Michele Dupree immediately ordered her British bullies to defend TDI's image by discrediting me. TDI's fraudulent existence had to be guarded at all costs.

Based on the fact, that Sarah Lee was oblivious of one of most promising discovery for ALS treatment and she didn't know I was an ALS patient, her ignorance couldn't be more obvious.
Sarah Lee & Medeleine Collins
As if Sarah Lee (a self-professed ALS expert) didn't embarrass herself enough by stupidly trying to debunk Chicago Tribune's news, she exposes her ignorance even further by declaring the news item, a fake. Poor thing had no clue that she was embarrassing herself for TDI fundraisers. They were using and embarrassing her for their own dirty deeds.

Then comes another British idiot, Madeleine Collins. She claimed to have looked at TDI's "financial reports". Foolishly, she claimed TDI spends, out of $9 million, "$8 mil on charitable work with over $6 mil directly on science programs." Well, mathematically her claim can only be explained as oxymoron, 6 + 8 mil comes out to $14 millions; which is $5 million more than TDI's total revenue. Who knew ALS-TDI was a charitable organization, when they present themselves to be an ALS research institute? Madeleine, what kind of charity TDI does?
ALS-TDI 2011 Tax Return
Wonder, which financial reports Madeleine had been looking at, because according to TDI's own tax filling, they spend only $1.4 million (18.3% of total revenue) on actual scientific research. No wonder, in over a decade, TDI has to yet make a single ALS research contribution.

Michele Dupree, next time please send a bully who can at least add 6 + 8.
British Bullies - Neil Mather
Next, to defend ALS-TDI's image, a self-professed Accountant Neil Mather jumped in. He kept telling me, I was wrong, while the genius didn't even know that TDI wasn't a charity. Supposedly, TDI is a research institute. Does the arrogant Mr. Accountant even realize what TDI stands for?
British Bullies - Marilyn Lacy
After Neil Mather miserably failed to answer any of my rhetorical questions, in utter frustration, he retorted, I had "come onto this UK focused support group". He alleged that ALS-TDI was a "charity" of which he "had previously never heard of". What? But earlier, wasn't Mr. Accountant lectured, he knew I was lying about the numbers? How could he claim that I was wrong, when he never heard of TDI before? BUSTED!
If Neil Mather wasn't ill-mannered and abusive enough, the TDI gangsters sent another bully after me, Marilyn Lacy. Like rest of bullies, Marilyn also accused me of faking to have ALS/MND. Though, later on she apologized for it, only to harass me further.
British Bullies - Madeleine Collins
As Marilyn Lacy bullied me, like other British Bullies, Madeleine Collins also reminded me, "this is uk group". 
Group Description of Motor Neurone Disease Support Group
Oddly, the group description for Motor Neurone Disease Support Group doesn't mention anywhere, that the group is only for Brits. Besides, neither Michele Dupree nor Kyle Ratliff are British either. They are American and have ZERO connection with ALS/MND, but they are also members of the group. One has to wonder, why the British Bullies keep reminding me, that its a UK group? Could it be, because I am an American, or  am I not white enough for the British Bullies?
British Bullies - Sarah Lee
 While Sarah Lee (Ms. I know it all) remind obsessed with proving her ignorance, Charlotte Wiley joined the mob in harassing me.
British Bullies - Charlotte Wiley
Loaded with lies, other British Bullies like Helen Ellis poured in her share of lies.  

As if we lived in opposite universe, bullies like Neil Mather alleged my posts to be "aggressively abusive". At least Charlotte Wiley admitted, she was "rude and many other things". 
British Bullies - Neil Mather
 These British Bullies had some nerve to accuse me of being abusive, when they are the ones who were ganging up on me in MY post. It never dawned on the bullies, that I was not the one going to their posts and bullying them. It was the bullies who were harassing me in my own post. For example, look at Neil Mather's highly aggressive, nay abusive comment on my post, in which he tells me to "seek counseling", when he is clearly the one bullying others. 

Typically, a group moderator is a mature person who resolves conflicts and brings a fair resolution to conflicts. However, in this case, the moderator, Amanda Williams turned out to be the biggest bully. Upon receiving orders from ALS-TDI Gangsters, without slightest attempt to resolve the conflict or issuing a warning, her highness Amanda blocked me from the group.
British Bully, Amanda Williams
After kicking me out of the group, without any justification, cowardly bully Amanda Williams insulted me, as "slightly unhinged". Her disgusting behavior is consistent with classic bullies, like ALS-TDI fundraiser Michele Dupree and Michael P Shannon.

Amanda Williams
Now people are advising me to be careful from the bully moderator. They say, Amanda Williams has severe anger management issues. Allegedly, she was jailed for beating up a poor man in wheelchair. Surprise surprise! 
You decide, whether Motor Neurone Disease Awareness Group helps the ALS/MND patients like me, or bullies them? 

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  1. I would like to know where you heard that Amanda Williams allegedly beat up a guy in a wheelchair? Thanks