Thursday, December 11, 2014

Latest Update (06/06/2017)

Dupree Dupree - Part 5 (05/23/2016)

Bullies Never Stop - Part 20 (04/05/2014)

  Sext Logs - Part 19 (12/17/2014)

 Upcoming Blog: Nude photos & sexting logs of Natacsha Dutton & Kyle Ratliff - Part 19

Criminals in ALS/MND community (Nelson & Carter) - Part 17


  • Catherine Scott, who is a pALS (person with ALS) herself, for some reason(s), best known to her, keeps removing every post of mine from her thread. Wonder why? You would think that she would stand with and support fellow pALS against bullies; but she chooses to protect and support the bullies.
My last post removed by Catherine Scott

  • Quote of the day: "Bullies, druggies and psychopaths hate mirrors. Because the reflection terrifies them." (by Adnan Gill) Dedicated to Elide M Carter.
  • Photo of the week
ALS-TDI Fundraisers & SEXTING Experts.

 British Bully - Amanda Williams
  • Random Information
pALS and CALS, Great News. Valentine Plunge for Joan Dancy and pALS Inc. had been a huge success. Some participants claim, the plunge generated about $240,000. According to, in 2011, the organization had a handsome amount of cash ($742,888) to help the much deserving pALS and CALS. With a larger cash pool than ALSGA, they should be able to help with paying bills and buying equipment. Just contact their representative Michele Dupree or visit Joan Dancy and PALS.

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