Saturday, December 6, 2014

Sexting Logs - Part 19

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Sexting Logs - Part 19


Warning: Strong Sexual Content... Not appropriate for underage readers!

Outsiders like Michele Dupree and Sandra Michelle Farr trap ALS victims through lies and deceit, while others like Kyle Ratliff, Natacsha Dutton and Julie Samples use sex to trap their victims.

There are pages upon pages of Sexting messages and x-rated photos of these slutty frauds that will shared during time.

Since July 2012, I have been begging you, Michele Dupree and other Facebook bullies to Stop harassing me and my wife, but you guys are still trashing us in Facebook groups and via private messages. Is that what ALS-TDI is paying you for, to Bully us? I thought TDI pays you guys handsomely for tricking unsuspected victims into donating their hard-earned money.

Read how Kyle sexted an ALS patient. You won't believe how down and dirty she gets!

Kyle Ratliff - Sext 1
Kyle Ratliff - Sext2

Kyle Ratliff - Sext3
Kyle Ratliff, I got your 'anonymous' message. You still don't get it; Its Not me, its still You who is bullying me. You guys are still trashing me on Facebook, via texts and verbally.

Even if I begged you (as you claim) to send me slutty sexts, you could have said, No! Instead, you kept sending vulgar messages, followed by messages, begging me to leave my wife and children. But I said, NO! Which infuriated you. 
Kyle Ratliff - Sext 4
Kyle Ratliff - Sext5
Kyle trashing Sandra

I am still begging you to Please STOP Harassing me and my family!

Stay tuned for more.

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