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Dupree Dupree - Part 5 (05/23/2016)

Bullies Never Stop - Part 20 (04/05/2014)

  Sext Logs - Part 19 (12/17/2014)

 Upcoming Blog: Nude photos & sexting logs of Natacsha Dutton & Kyle Ratliff - Part 19

Criminals in ALS/MND community (Nelson & Carter) - Part 17


  • Catherine Scott, who is a pALS (person with ALS) herself, for some reason(s), best known to her, keeps removing every post of mine from her thread. Wonder why? You would think that she would stand with and support fellow pALS against bullies; but she chooses to protect and support the bullies.
My last post removed by Catherine Scott

  • Quote of the day: "Bullies, druggies and psychopaths hate mirrors. Because the reflection terrifies them." (by Adnan Gill) Dedicated to Elide M Carter.
  • Photo of the week
ALS-TDI Fundraisers & SEXTING Experts.

 British Bully - Amanda Williams
  • Random Information
pALS and CALS, Great News. Valentine Plunge for Joan Dancy and pALS Inc. had been a huge success. Some participants claim, the plunge generated about $240,000. According to, in 2011, the organization had a handsome amount of cash ($742,888) to help the much deserving pALS and CALS. With a larger cash pool than ALSGA, they should be able to help with paying bills and buying equipment. Just contact their representative Michele Dupree or visit Joan Dancy and PALS.

Bullies Never Stop - Part 20

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Bullies Never Stop - Part 20

Since a Hollywood movie with my name in credits was released, a lot of people had been telling me, that bullies are again trashing me in Facebook secret groups, on each others' walls  and in private messages. So I tried to reduce tensions by sending a message in good faith to Natacsha Dutton.

Little did I know that instead of apologizing or showing remorse, Ms. Dutton chose to attack me back, as usual.
Instead of presenting a sincere apology, as expected Natacsha attacked me again and accused me of giving her "crap".

Natacsha Dutton's first attack on me
 Ms. Dutton, does the above post ring a bell? Yup, its from the time when you were trying to kiss up to Michele Dupree by attacking me. All I did was, thank you. And you called it disgusting.

Natasha Dutton - Mail 2
 This is the response I got from her when I asked her, what "crap" did I give her?

Natacsha Dutton - Mail 3
Even though, I never accused Natacsha of stealing money, but she kept telling me that her newly found luxurious life-style wasn't funded by money from fundraisers. Perhaps, a sign of guilt?

Everyone can see, that not once I mentioned any photos at all. But she accused me of threatening to show her photos. Obviously, another sign of guilt!

Natacsha, I am so glad you are keeping all the messages. Because that will show all the world that all of your friends were daring you to post a photo of your bum with a "Kiss My ALS" sticker on it.

Telling Natcsha to send clothed photo
 Busted! Looks like I asked for clothed photo.
Natacsha, do you ever feel bad, when you lie?

Response to Natacsha Dutton's Mail 3
 Above is my response to the three points Natacsha Dutton raised in Mail 3.

Natasha Dutton - Mail 4
  Natacsha, of course you call my blog "disgusting". Could it be because I am exposing bullies, sluts, criminals & druggies like Elide M Carter and thieves like Michele Dupree & you. What else you guys are going to call my blog, an 'Eye Opener'?

I think I can tell the difference between your and Kyle's photos. Besides, Kyle never sent me nude photos.

Of course, I sit on my "bloody ass". That's because I have ALS/MND!!! News Flash, ALS has taken away my ability to stand on feet anymore. Isn't that what happens to all the people you claim to be helping? Do you also degrade them too for sitting on their " bloody ass"?

By the way, everybody knows, the job of Nurse's Assistant doesn't even come close to pay enough to afford half year long vacations in the US.

"Spinning lies"? Unlike you, I support my arguments with documentary evidence.What do you guys use to support your gossips and harass me?

Response to Natacsha Dutton's Mail 4

 Above was my response to Natacsha Dutton's rude email 4.
Natasha Dutton - Mail 5
Yes Natasha, I am stuck on repeat. Because you still haven't told us, since you became a professional ALS/MND fundraiser, how did you suddenly became wealthy?

I challenge you to show one place where I even once threatened to release your dirty photos. Are you feeling guilty about something?

Not only I welcome, but I encourage you to reveal supposed-messages, asking for your dirty photos and trashing my wife!
My response to Natacsha Dutton - Mail 5
 My above response shows how Natacsha Dutton couldn't have afforded multiple vacation to the United States in a single year.

Since becoming a fundraiser (became an apprentice of Michele Dupree), miraculously Natacsha  became rich! One has to wonder, how?

Natacsha Dutton - Mail 6
Please note, from very beginning, I never brought up the subject of Ms. Dutton's dirty pictures, nor I ever threatened to reveal her photos. Clearly, Natasha felt guilty of dirty deeds.

If anything, I discouraged Ms. Dutton to send me her dirty pictures.

Proof of "clothed" photo request
Above screenshot clearly proves, that I never asked Ms. Dutton for dirty photos.

Response to Natacsha Dutton's Mail 6

Apparently, Ms. Dutton was left dumbfounded by my reply to defend her lies any further.

 Natacsha kept going in circles, but not once she explained the source of her new found riches. Her best argument was sarcasm.

Somehow, whoever gets into fundraising, suddenly becomes riches! Don't you wonder how, Ms. Dutton too went from rags to riches?

Stay tuned for more.

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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Sexting Logs - Part 19

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Sexting Logs - Part 19


Warning: Strong Sexual Content... Not appropriate for underage readers!

Outsiders like Michele Dupree and Sandra Michelle Farr trap ALS victims through lies and deceit, while others like Kyle Ratliff, Natacsha Dutton and Julie Samples use sex to trap their victims.

There are pages upon pages of Sexting messages and x-rated photos of these slutty frauds that will shared during time.

Since July 2012, I have been begging you, Michele Dupree and other Facebook bullies to Stop harassing me and my wife, but you guys are still trashing us in Facebook groups and via private messages. Is that what ALS-TDI is paying you for, to Bully us? I thought TDI pays you guys handsomely for tricking unsuspected victims into donating their hard-earned money.

Read how Kyle sexted an ALS patient. You won't believe how down and dirty she gets!

Kyle Ratliff - Sext 1
Kyle Ratliff - Sext2

Kyle Ratliff - Sext3
Kyle Ratliff, I got your 'anonymous' message. You still don't get it; Its Not me, its still You who is bullying me. You guys are still trashing me on Facebook, via texts and verbally.

Even if I begged you (as you claim) to send me slutty sexts, you could have said, No! Instead, you kept sending vulgar messages, followed by messages, begging me to leave my wife and children. But I said, NO! Which infuriated you. 
Kyle Ratliff - Sext 4
Kyle Ratliff - Sext5
Kyle trashing Sandra

I am still begging you to Please STOP Harassing me and my family!

Stay tuned for more.

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