Monday, February 24, 2014

Ongoing Harassment - Part 16

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Ongoing Harassment - Part 16

( Lou Gehrig's Disease / Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis / MND - Motor Neuron Disease )

A horrifying tale of cyber bulling, harassment, abuse, social isolation and death-threats to an ALS patient, ME! 

(There is so much harassment by Sarah Godfrey, Kristen Michelle Bitsko, Julie Samples / Julie Beach, Elide Carter and Susan Nelson, it warrants a dedicated page.)

Sarah Godfrey and Kristen Michelle Bitsko are so malicious, vindictive, desperate and opportunistic that they couldn't resist the opportunity to trash me and my friend in a thread that had nothing to do with me. Even worse, it was a hoax thread that they were spewing venom in. May God reduce their misery and cleanse their hearts that are filled with hate and malice.
Sarah Godfrey lying - Godfrey 4
Sarah Godfrey, how about putting money where your mouth is? Please share with us how and where I was 'awful' to people in UK and US. Every liar, like Sarah Godfrey, can makeup stories, but only honest person can support their claims.
Kristen Michelle Bitsko - Bitsko 5

Kristen Michelle Bitsko, I tried my best to keep peace among us, but your miserable personality forces you to trash me every chance you get. Only God knows, what a vindictive and miserable person like you will do to people you will investigate, as a Private Investigator.
Death Threat by Kristen Michelle Bitsko - Brisko

Kristen Michelle Bitsko, consider this as, Last Warning. If I hear one more word from you about me or my friends, I will send you another restraining-order. I will also send a copy of court orders to your employer and another copy to Pittsburgh Police along with the screenshots of your harassment posts. Then you can beg me all you want, but this time, I will not pull the court orders.

Kyle Ratliff, if you lie again to anyone, how I put their kids pictures on my blog, you will also receive same treatment as Bitsko.

Julie Samples / Beach, friend of Elide Carter and Susan Nelson

If you think Julie Samples (a.k.a Julie Beach) is any better than Elide Carter or Susan Nelson, you would be mistaken; except, Julie is smarter, and knows how to fool Elide and Susan into fighting her bitch-fights.
Julie Samples backstabbing her friend
 Julie Samples, previously known as Julie Beach, is not just an extremely jealous and possessive person, but a gossiper and a backstabber too. She is such an insecure attention seeker, that she gets jealous from even  wives of her Facebook friends too.

Julie Samples
Julie Samples' (a.k.a. Julie Beach) jealousy knows no bounds. She becomes jealous of even small children. She was extremely unkind to a lovely child, because Julie thought, I had "hots" for her mother.

Julie Samples caught lying
Read the above screen shot to see how Julie Samples/Beach  kisses up at face and trashes people behind their backs. It also proves that she indeed trashed Melissa behind her back.

Julie Samples/Beach lying about her age. Background check proves, she is 39. (2/25/14)

On 02/25/202014, in her Facebook status update, Julie Samples /Beach, once again, lied about her age. She claimed to be the age of 34 years old. However, a background check proves Julie Samples/Beach is LYING. about her age. Julie Samples/Beach is 40 years old! 

As usual, Julie Samples/Julie Beach trashing her friends
Despite, several efforts to dissociate myself from Julie Samples /Beach, she kept begging to talk to me. She was always jealous of every female Facebook friend, I conversed with. She would trash even her friends People still tell me, that she is still talking about me; though, now days, I am the subject of her pack of lies and and hate.

Julie has a habit of trashing her friends to each other. Once, in a three-way chat, Julie introduced Debra Wewer as a physician (Pediatric at John Hopkins) to me. So little did I know, that latter on Julie would trash Debra to me. Even worse, it turned out, both Julie and Debra lied. Debra was NOT a physician, she was a nurse.

Needless to state, ALS community is plagued with fakes and liars, like Julie Samples and Debra Wewer!

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